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Achieve Top-of-Industry Mobile Ad Viewability

Run video advertisements that achieve 2x mobile ad viewability above Moat and IAS industry benchmarks, with in-app ads that are virtually buffer-free.

InMobi specializes in mobile ads with high viewability that build brand awareness, drive user engagement, and achieve top-of-industry standards for completion.

Mobile Video Ads for High Performance

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InMobi viewability is 2x that of major industry benchmarks, up to 94%.

InMobi's speciality is VAST mobile video that loads within the device's native video player, resulting in virtually buffer-free mobile video. Faster-loading video means more real customers are watching your ads. That means your human and viewability % is much higher.

* Moat Q4 2016, Engagement measured as CTR. Indexed CTR = (CTR/Global Average Video CTR)*100. Global Average Video CTR Index = 100. Integration types can be – SDK, API and Native in-app video. Based on H1ʼ17 data from the InMobi network.

$25B was potentially wasted in ad spending in 2016, due to ads that weren't viewable.

By integrating the deviceʼs native player, we can precache video to deliver a buffer-free user experience that achieves high mobile ad viewability.

The number of digital video viewers is set to increase by 10% between 2016 – 2020 to reach 235.9 million.

Mobile Ad Viewability

2x mobile ad viewability and increased mobile video performance with InMobi — say goodbye to buffering video.

Achieve 0.06 seconds load time for your mobile video campaigns with InMobi's VAST video solutions, compared to 2.6 seconds with VPAID.

As a Moat and IAS partner, our creative capabilities will help you reach new audiences, tailor ads to the right audience using unique device data, and convert customers with engaging rich media.

mobile Moat viewability

InMobi reaches 1.5 billion devices worldwide

Through our revolutionary advertising & discovery platform, developers, merchants and brands can engage mobile consumers globally. Recognized among Fast Company's "2016's Most Innovative Companies in the World," InMobi reaches over 1.5 billion unique mobile devices worldwide. Our partners enable best-in-industry mobile video, viewability, and in-app programmatic.


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